BooLoo Bags in the Winter of 2012

Who can believe this is really winter in New England?  So far this season we have had a quick 7 inches on January 21st and it was melted by January 23rd!

BooLoo Bags love the snow!

I think this has been the warmest winter I can ever remember.  I guess that is a good thing for BooLoo Bags, we have had to use ours more this season than ever!  I learned years ago to grocery shop early in the morning before the gym and especially on game day so you don’t have to fight the deli and check-out lines before kick-off.  This year I tried Popsicles for 3 hours in the BooLoo Bag with no ice in 45 degree temps, they were perfect when I got home.  You can see the picture on our facebook page.

Only half the family!

We had a great trip to Brettonwoods this year, the forecast called for sun all four days and we woke up to beautiful fresh powder the first morning.  We love it!  All the BooLoo Bags in my family had a nice reunion. We arrived Friday afternoon with a ton of food and a ton of BooLoo Bags; some had refrigerated stuff, some had frozen stuff, some even hot for dinner that night!  It was a great long weekend for all.

Family BooLoo Bag Reunion
A Little Fresh Powder never hurt a BooLoo Bag


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