Traveling with BooLoo Bags and a Dog?

Jay, Shadow and I headed up to Maine on Friday to look at a new car;  we had never stayed overnight with a dog in a hotel but we thought we would try it.  We packed two BooLoo Bags for the mini trip – one with soda & water and one with some fun beers.  We hit the rest area in Kennebunk on the way up to the dealership; Shadow loved the ice water we dumped into his dish from the BooLoo Bag! After a long afternoon wheeling and dealing it was time to head back to our hotel room in Portsmouth, NH. As soon as we pulled in, we fed him and let him hit the BooLoo Bag again for more ice water and headed to the lobby to check in.portsmouth

Shadow was a ham; everyone loved him- he was so excited and a little nervous as this was a first for all of us!  Up to our room we went, expecting a beat up “pet room” – but it was perfect.  Shadow sniffed around while Jay and I hit the fun beers in the BooLoo Bag, the temperature up the beers in the BooLoo Bag never gets old….freezing cold and sooooo goooood! (plus a huge savings on the mini bar, only had to buy the peanut m&m’s for $3.75 :)  On our ride home the next day we were psyched to have a cooler with some ice cold waters and sodas and an empty BooLoo Bag to put our lobster in.  Our stay was fabulous, we loved walking around Portsmouth – had two fantastic meals – Shadow was great and we are looking forward to our next adventure with the dog and our BooLoo Bags!

Shadow settled right in to hotel life





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Jay Hits the Course with “Nine Pack Boo”

Jay hit the course this past weekend with our newest product: Nine Pack Boo.

We have had a lot of requests for a smaller BooLoo Bag, so we decided to introduce our Nine Pack Boo sample.  We have been carting it around for the last month filling with a little bit of everything and we decided…. we love the new size!  Perfect for the small jaunt; kids sports, neighbors for a couple of coldies, deli meats, hot chowder quarts, etc. Golfers- you will love this new size too.  Jay said it was perfect for the day; Nine Pack Boo fit nice and snug in the cart, beverages were cold all day and for the first time Jay’s golf bag was not leaking water :)  We should have our first products in by November; as we have some color and graphic design choices to make –  we will take any suggestions!! Call or email the company anytime.

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Camp David Labor Day Weekend with the Dogs and Kids

A-W-E-S-O-M-E!   I wasn’t sure what to expect heading up to my brother’s new hunting camp located in Burnham, Maine.  We talked briefly about what we would pack & then we loaded up the truck with the log splitter,the kids, the dog and tons of BooLoo Bags and headed North for long weekend.  We knew it would take us at least 4 hours to get there so we filled one of our “Blockpacks” with ice and cold drinks for everyone for the ride up - as we already spend enough at the gas stations.  The weather was gorgeous when we arrived; right away I knew we were going to love it!  The driveway is lined with acres of apple orchards, the whole camp overlooks a beautiful meadow and the brand new shed is stocked with quads & snowmobiles!   Unpacking these days is getting easier and easier; we each had a small duffel bag and we left all our food and beverages right in the BooLoo Bags on the porch.   We had some lunch and headed out to work on the trails.  Whether we were going out for just a ride on the quads or to work, we always bungied a BooLoo filled with ice and beverages.  Shadow and Brodie are some of the Blockpacks biggest fans, they know the ice water on the bottom of the bag is the coldest it gets without being frozen!  The weekend was so fun for all of us, we can’t wait to go back!!!!            

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Brown’s Bank and BooLoo Bags

Brown’s Bank is one of the greatest sandbars of all times.  This little island comes out at low tide and becomes “The Caribbean” of Plymouth, Mass.  Soft white sand, warm tidal pools and beautiful sunshine make Brown’s Bank a favorite among boaters and also one of the best places to see “The Square Cooler Fight”. This past Sunday we watched hundreds of people lugging their square coolers on and off their boat.  We noticed that it is usually the last item off the boat and the last item back on because no one wants to carry it. The square cooler usually takes two people and if it’s a husband and wife, there is usually a fight. We hear, “are you lifting your side?” “just pick the *$%@ing thing up!”  ”What did you pack in here, bricks?”  Watching and listening to The Square Cooler Fight continues to motivate me to sell more BooLoo Bags!

Brown's Bank loves BooLoo Bags

When we boat, we head out with tons of boat bags and tons of BooLoo Bags. They are easy to load on and off the boat, easy to store without wasting space and light enough to walk up and down the boat ramps at low tide.  Thanks Red and Linda for a great day on Brown’s Bank!!!!

Wait what? A live band on Brown's Bank?

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New Designs in Stock

We just brought in the Black Lab and Flip Flop design, the embroidery is sharp and the screen print is hot, hot pink that is.  

I hope you guys and girls out there like the new designs as much as I do.  I wasn’t sure if I should leave the BooLoo Bag logo on the flip flop, now that they are in I am glad I did, I love it! It is tough to try to figure out what people like and what people will buy when it comes to colors and designs for BooLoo Bags.  Pauly’s Striper is still our number one selling bag, followed up by the Maine Lobstah- we will see how the new ones go.  Dragon Fly, Lighthouse and Sailboat are in the works for our next run. As always I welcome your input!!!!

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BooLoo Bags donates to the Duxbury Fire Department

It has been just over four years since Paul passed away.  Sometimes it feels like forever ago and sometimes just like yesterday.  When I look at his pictures in the kids room, I see a young handsom man whos life was cut too short.  I know those of you that knew Paul personally still miss him very much and think of him often.  His kids Joseph and Emily were able to attend a bereavement camp recently which gave them a whole new set of tools to deal with the emotions and feelings they have had over the last couple of years.  We have seen some nice changes since the camp, Paul would be proud of his kids.   As long as I keep selling BooLoo Bags, I will continue to make donations to the Duxbury Fire Department in Paul’s memory for new search and rescue gear.  This was only our second annual donation, but we were able to double the amount over last year.  We miss you Pauly, you will always be in our hearts!

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Traveling to Key West with “The Blockpack”

What a great vacation to Key West with the family.  This is the first time I had taken The Blockpack on an airplane and I loved it as my “personal” carry-on item.  We filled it with flip-flops and sandals on the flight down and it fit perfectly under the seat in front of us. It was great to have it down there, Jay and David used it for sandwiches and beverages on their tarpon charter and we filled it with cold beverages throughout the trip when we were on the go.  On the flight home we packed it with all of souvenirs so they didn’t get broken and everything arrived perfectly back in Boston.  When you are vacationing without a car, this is the item you want to have with you!

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BooLoo Bags in the Winter of 2012

Who can believe this is really winter in New England?  So far this season we have had a quick 7 inches on January 21st and it was melted by January 23rd!

BooLoo Bags love the snow!

I think this has been the warmest winter I can ever remember.  I guess that is a good thing for BooLoo Bags, we have had to use ours more this season than ever!  I learned years ago to grocery shop early in the morning before the gym and especially on game day so you don’t have to fight the deli and check-out lines before kick-off.  This year I tried Popsicles for 3 hours in the BooLoo Bag with no ice in 45 degree temps, they were perfect when I got home.  You can see the picture on our facebook page.

Only half the family!

We had a great trip to Brettonwoods this year, the forecast called for sun all four days and we woke up to beautiful fresh powder the first morning.  We love it!  All the BooLoo Bags in my family had a nice reunion. We arrived Friday afternoon with a ton of food and a ton of BooLoo Bags; some had refrigerated stuff, some had frozen stuff, some even hot for dinner that night!  It was a great long weekend for all.

Family BooLoo Bag Reunion
A Little Fresh Powder never hurt a BooLoo Bag


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Last Day of 2011

New Year’s Eve 2011 – sitting in my office typing in the last blog for the year.  (of course I do have a freezing cold beer next to me :) )  December was a record month for BooLoo Bags, LLC- thank you to everyone who purchased one!  We would love to see some new faces in The Gallery on our website so if you are out traveling with a new BooLoo Bag send us a picture.  As always I welcome your feedback and am looking forward to 2012.  As a family, we all dragged our BooLoo Bags around the night before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the day after Christmas and we pinned them with beers, lasagna, macaroni & cheese, shrimp cocktail, seasoned tenderloin, wine, presents and a bunch of other stuff.  It’s been a great Holiday Season!  Happy New Year!  Leslie

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Thanksgiving 2011

What a beautiful day it turned out to be for us!  We headed out around 9:00 a.m. to meet up with the rest of the family at World’s End in Hingham for our annual walk.  The kids and dogs loved it, Midnight and Shadow even retrieved sticks in the ocean for a bit.  Each year we try to take lots of pictures and hope for a Christmas Card.  After spending a couples of hours hiking around we all headed back to our separate homes to grab our side dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner at Dad and Donna’s house.  (they were in charge of the bird and stuffing) So my list consisted of shrimp cocktail, mashed potatoes, cookies and brownies.  This year we decided to make things easy so we could enjoy the holiday visiting instead of cooking.   We purchased Reeser’s fresh yukon gold mashed potatoes from Sysco.  They came in a boil-in-the-bag which we did for like 10 or 15 minutes then shoved them in a BooLoo Bag for 5 hours while we hung out.  At dinner time we cut the bag open and put them in the casserole dish.  I don’t think you can see the steam in the picture, but they were steaming hot! It was so easy, no crowded kitchen and no mess.  They tasted homemade and everyone loved them!  I did peel and cook my own gulf white shrimp, but in our family that is a corner that can’t be cut.  We transported the shrimp in a separate cold Booloo Bag, they were gone as soon as we got there.  Another great holiday with the family and our BooLoo Bags!

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