Brown’s Bank and BooLoo Bags

Brown’s Bank is one of the greatest sandbars of all times.  This little island comes out at low tide and becomes “The Caribbean” of Plymouth, Mass.  Soft white sand, warm tidal pools and beautiful sunshine make Brown’s Bank a favorite among boaters and also one of the best places to see “The Square Cooler Fight”. This past Sunday we watched hundreds of people lugging their square coolers on and off their boat.  We noticed that it is usually the last item off the boat and the last item back on because no one wants to carry it. The square cooler usually takes two people and if it’s a husband and wife, there is usually a fight. We hear, “are you lifting your side?” “just pick the *$%@ing thing up!”  ”What did you pack in here, bricks?”  Watching and listening to The Square Cooler Fight continues to motivate me to sell more BooLoo Bags!

Brown's Bank loves BooLoo Bags

When we boat, we head out with tons of boat bags and tons of BooLoo Bags. They are easy to load on and off the boat, easy to store without wasting space and light enough to walk up and down the boat ramps at low tide.  Thanks Red and Linda for a great day on Brown’s Bank!!!!

Wait what? A live band on Brown's Bank?

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