Clamming on Duxbury Beach with BooLoo Bags

Last day you can dig steamers on Duxbury Beach until September 1st…..I am digging!  All fired up, sun is out; bucket – permit – kids & dog are in the car and I am off to get some of the best steamers you will ever have.  Anyone who has had Duxbury steamers from my secret spot knows you won’t get them better anywhere else in the United States, they are that good!  So we get out there, kids are running around with the dog and I head over to my spot and start digging….perfect- there is still plenty on the last day. We are having my family over for baked stuffed lobsters, so I load my bucket and head down to the water to rinse them off and get salt water for them to sit in with my cracker meal so they can spit the sand before we eat them.  Crap!  I forgot to bring my 5 gallon pickle bucket for salt water. I look in the back of my car, perfect – two BooLoo Bags. photo-10 I grab my striper bag fill it with salt water, dump the clams in and head home with what my family says is the best @#$%ing things you will ever eat!

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