Duxbury Beach July 4th Weekend

BooLoo Bags hits Duxbury Beach July 4th Weekend!  We saw fans everywhere, some people had freezing cold drinks in theirs while others had hot fried chicken from Bongi’s Turkey Roost- A-W-E-S-O-M-E!    We love it!  Shadow was along to introduce our newest product, “the BooLoo BlockPack”.  Last year we went to Rhode Island with 3 other couples and we all had our BooLoo Bags.  We were hopping a ferry to Block Island and then grabbing mopeds when we got there.  No one wanted to bring their regular BooLoo Bags, so when we arrived, we spent about $25.00 in cold waters and lord knows what on cold beers on the ride home. After this trip we thought how awesome a BooLoo Bag backpack would have been.  Well almost one year later it has arrived!  Anyone into anything outdoors will love these.  It is so nice to have your hands free for carrying other stuff or hiking or riding a moped.  So we have named this item the “BooLoo BlockPack” after our trip to Block Island.  We are in the process of doing our product shots now for them and will get them up on the website soon.  They can be purchased locally at Depot Street Market in Duxbury.

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