Elena Gormley Photography

I discovered early on in the start up of BooLoo Bags that photography, (and a bunch of other stuff) was not my thing.  Lucky for me I met Elena Gormley on a walk one day at Round Pond in Duxbury. It wasn’t until later on that I realized this was the “Photographer Elena” that shot tons of literally jaw dropping photos of my nieces and nephew.  The pictures are that good and that authentic that you could never pick just one or two – you would have to choose them all! I checked her website out and knew right away I wanted her to shoot for BooLoo Bags.  Elena has an extremely sharp eye and her work is unique to each shoot.  It doesn’t matter what your needs are for photography; business or pleasure, she does it all and her turn around time is unbelievably quick.  Elena’s outgoing and fun personality making working with her a pleasure.  You can check out more pictures on our Facebook fan page.

Elena can be reached at:  781-738-8063 or elena@elenagormley.com                 Elenagormleyphotography.com

p.s. the dog is the first photo is Elena’s “Tige”

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