Camp David Labor Day Weekend with the Dogs and Kids

A-W-E-S-O-M-E!   I wasn’t sure what to expect heading up to my brother’s new hunting camp located in Burnham, Maine.  We talked briefly about what we would pack & then we loaded up the truck with the log splitter,the kids, the dog and tons of BooLoo Bags and headed North for long weekend.  We knew it would take us at least 4 hours to get there so we filled one of our “Blockpacks” with ice and cold drinks for everyone for the ride up - as we already spend enough at the gas stations.  The weather was gorgeous when we arrived; right away I knew we were going to love it!  The driveway is lined with acres of apple orchards, the whole camp overlooks a beautiful meadow and the brand new shed is stocked with quads & snowmobiles!   Unpacking these days is getting easier and easier; we each had a small duffel bag and we left all our food and beverages right in the BooLoo Bags on the porch.   We had some lunch and headed out to work on the trails.  Whether we were going out for just a ride on the quads or to work, we always bungied a BooLoo filled with ice and beverages.  Shadow and Brodie are some of the Blockpacks biggest fans, they know the ice water on the bottom of the bag is the coldest it gets without being frozen!  The weekend was so fun for all of us, we can’t wait to go back!!!!            

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