Nine Pack Boo

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Product Specifications: size 11 x 7 x 8.5

Nine Pack Boo is our fun size lunch bag; it boasts all the same characteristics as our original BooLoo Bag, just smaller.  Great for golf or the occasional jaunt.

The exterior of your Nine Pack Boo is a rugged 600 polyester denier fabric that is water-resistant and demonstrates excellent qualities for durability, longevity and functionality. The vinyl liner that is produced for Nine Pack Boo also provides excellent working properties. The waterproof welded liner is guaranteed not to leak from manufacturer defects. The seams will not fail at extended temperatures (up to 140°), and remains pliable at lower temperatures with a cold crack of minus 32°.

Nine Pack Boos are manufactured the old-fashioned way, hand-pieced together and made in the USA. Occasionally we have a bag that slips through the cracks where a liner was not loaded into a machine properly or a thread was not locked in properly. If you should ever happen to get that rare bag that doesn't work correctly - let us know! We will fix it, I promise. We want you to love Nine Pack Boos as much as we do.

This may be one of the last coolers you will ever have to buy!

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