Recovering from Knee Surgery and BooLoo Bags

Every month we find a new use for our BooLoo Bags.  This past week my stepmother had a total knee replacement and we were there with our BooLoo Bags to help out.  Anyone who has had knee/hip/shoulder surgery knows how painful these procedures can be; anything that makes you more comfortable is a blessing.  When my parents arrived home from the hospital they were exhausted.  I made a turkey pie and cooked it on 400 degrees.  When it was done I wrapped it in a dish towel and packed it in one of my BooLoo Bags piping hot right out of the  Then I remembered from my knee surgery you can’t have enough ice for those awesome ice machines they send you home with, so I packed two twenty pound bags of ice in another BooLoo Bag to bring over. Of course what woman doesn’t like fresh cut flowers.  I filled the bottom of my Blockpack with water and stuffed the flowers right in; it worked out perfect!  The Blockpack fit right behind the seat of my car, never tipped over and the flowers arrived fresh and beautiful with plenty of

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