Skiing in North Conway with BooLoo Bags and 14″ of New Powder

photoA late start to the New England ski season, but there is plenty of snow up there now!  We booked a last minute trip to North Conway and loaded the Yukon with duffle bags and BooLoo Bags and took off.  It took less than an hour to pack all the bags and load the car for a two day ski trip with the kids! The kids packed their own drinks for the ride and for their hotel room and I filled a couple of BooLoo Bags with leftovers, snacks and plenty of drinks.  We always get a kitchenette when we have the kids; it is so easy to just whip up their lunch or dinner when you have the right stuff packed in your BooLoo Bags!photo-2

BooLoo Bags also love slopeside outdoor jacuzzis.  After an awesome day of skiing we like to head to the outdoor jacuzzi with a couple of cold beers. When I reach into my Nine Pack Boo for another cold beer, I see jealous people starring at me.  What a great last minute ski trip and I love that BooLoo Bags makes it even better!photo-1

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