Tide Hunt Charters – Captain Jeff Adams

Nothing like getting on the water at 4:30 in the morning and watching the sun come up next to Bug Light.  Wish I had something more than my iphone for some really great shots.  So Wendy and I are headed out for our annual striper charter with Tide Hunt Charters out of Duxbury, Mass and Captain Jeff has been kind enough to get bait for us at 2:30 a.m.  We head out through the harbor and get to our first spot pretty quickly; Wendy and I get to watch the sun come up while Jeff puts the pogies on.  Within about 10 seconds there it is…..bump, bump-bump, line goes taut -”set the hook!”  Let the reeling begin.   We landed 17 fish (smallest was 32 inches) and lost either 5 or six- there was so much action I lost track.  What a great day out on the water and of course we love to see a BooLoo Bag on a striper charter.  Jeff stores cold drinks for his clients in his BooLoo Bag and puts the “keepers” in the big square coolers. Captian Jeff Adams can be reached at 781-545-3929 for striper charters.

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