Traveling with BooLoo Bags and a Dog?

Jay, Shadow and I headed up to Maine on Friday to look at a new car;  we had never stayed overnight with a dog in a hotel but we thought we would try it.  We packed two BooLoo Bags for the mini trip – one with soda & water and one with some fun beers.  We hit the rest area in Kennebunk on the way up to the dealership; Shadow loved the ice water we dumped into his dish from the BooLoo Bag! After a long afternoon wheeling and dealing it was time to head back to our hotel room in Portsmouth, NH. As soon as we pulled in, we fed him and let him hit the BooLoo Bag again for more ice water and headed to the lobby to check in.portsmouth

Shadow was a ham; everyone loved him- he was so excited and a little nervous as this was a first for all of us!  Up to our room we went, expecting a beat up “pet room” – but it was perfect.  Shadow sniffed around while Jay and I hit the fun beers in the BooLoo Bag, the temperature up the beers in the BooLoo Bag never gets old….freezing cold and sooooo goooood! (plus a huge savings on the mini bar, only had to buy the peanut m&m’s for $3.75 :)  On our ride home the next day we were psyched to have a cooler with some ice cold waters and sodas and an empty BooLoo Bag to put our lobster in.  Our stay was fabulous, we loved walking around Portsmouth – had two fantastic meals – Shadow was great and we are looking forward to our next adventure with the dog and our BooLoo Bags!

Shadow settled right in to hotel life





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