All About BooLoo Bags

Thank you for coming to visit today. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and hopefully someday you will email us a photo, a testimonial or some feedback, and we will learn and grow and get to know you.

I am very passionate about the BooLoo Bag because I believe in the quality and performance of the product. When food and beverages are held and consumed at the proper temperatures they taste better, period. I left my corporate job of 15 years to spend more time raising my children. I started BooLoo Bags, LLC to fulfill a dream. My friends, family and I have been toting these bags around for over 15 years, and we have discovered that basically it’s one bag with endless possibilities. We bring ours everywhere! We travel by boats, planes, trains, cars, trucks, campers, bikes, RVs, golf carts, horses, quads, snowboards, snowshoes, and sneakers, and we always have some form of a BooLoo Bag with us. Hopefully you will come to love the original BooLoo Bag as much as we all have.

All of the stories you read about on this website come from the heart and are written about my life. The bags and products are named from my life experiences, and of course from the awesome ideas I have received from my friends and family. Like I said earlier, we encourage your feedback, and as a new small business owner I can only grow and learn from my experiences.

Starting BooLoo Bags would not have been possible without all the help, input, emails and encouragement from my friends and family, so a special thank you to each and every one of you! Also I would like to thank my Sysco family for giving me cutting-edge training and education for the last 15 years and keeping me fresh in the foodservice industry.

How did I name BooLoo Bags? I was driving home from the supermarket one morning and I started blending words to name the company. I said to myself “it’s a bag, a cooler, Booler!” Then I thought that sounds stupid. Then I just blurted out “BooLoo, it’s a BooLoo Bag” and it just stuck. The more people I told, the more people liked it so my good friend Tricia Mundy set up the company and so began the BooLoo Bags, LLC story.