BooLoo Bag testimonials

“Sailors!!  Never leave home without your BooLoo Bag!  It is a MUST GO, why?  The shoulder strap makes it so easy to carry – no matter how fully packed – leaving your hands free going down  ramps, climbing into dinghiess, launches and onto your boat.  It is absolutely essential in getting your blocks of ice from the dock to your boat without any melting and is very easy to hoist aboard.  When cruising and transporting perishable provisions from the grocery store to your dock and then out to your boat, you will be thrilled to find them as cold or frozen as they were when you left the store.  Here again, the shoulder strap alleviates the aching muscles from toting a conventional cooler.  Your bag rolls up and stows in the most unusual places, never leaks or sweats, and is a smart-looking fashion statement, wherever your travels take you.” – Donna and Randy from Marshfield, Massachusetts

“I love that BooLoo Bag is a soft cooler.  I can fill it with lots of food and drinks for a day of kayaking and strap it right on the back!  It’s so light I almost forget it’s there.” – Linda from Duxbury, Massachusetts

“I have used every kind of cooler out there for the last 60 years and the BooLoo Bag outlasts them all!   We love to bring the bag down on the rocks for picnics and cookouts and the darn ice lasts so long.” – John from Cushing, Maine

“This bag is the best boating cooler money can buy!  It doesn’t slide around at all and it keeps our drinks or food cold all day long.  We take it boating all day and the following day it is still loaded with ice and if there’s a slight chance that there are any beverages left over… they are still freezing cold!  And the best part is it NEVER leaks!!” – Grace from Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts

“I travel for work, using my BooLoo Bag, and what a great bag!!  I put ice packs in my bag and bring all my mixers for my job as a promotions/liquor sales rep.  The bag keeps my products cold and the bag is so comfortable, even with a lot of weight on my shoulder.  The starfish motif gets a lot of attention, living by the water!  This bag is fantastic for the grocery store as well.  My deli meats and cheeses stay cold and it holds my milk, cream, etc.  Huge storage inside – I love this bag!!” – Carol from Scituate, Massachusetts

“I love that the bag is so easy to clean, the liner pops right out!  This is the only cooler we have found to get ice cream home from Portland, Maine back to Cushing (at least two hours) with no ice and the ice cream is still frozen solid.  We also take it boating everywhere up and down the coast of Maine.” – Linda from Cushing, Maine

“I love this bag , it’s  #@%*ing awesome!” -  Theresa from Pembroke, Massachusetts

“Love , love , love our new BooLoo bag, we take it on picnics, everything’s fits and the best feature is that it lightweight and it doesn’t leak!!!! Every household should have one.” – Jan Goodman Mother of three and President/ Owner Cityscapes Inc. Boston

Why do I love my BooLoo Bag?  Where do I start, stuffing it with freezing cold drinks for the beach?  One bag for the kids and one for the adults, they fit right on the floor behind the front seats and sit all day without leaking and showing condensation and maintain the cold temp.  Perfect!  I also love taking our BooLoos on our boat, they take up minimal room and are easy to carry, not to mention look stylish too.  I also loved having my BooLoo on vacation last year.  I threw my toiletries in the BooLoo and packed it in my luggage.  Six hours later at destination Grand Cayman I was sitting on the beach reaching into my freshly packed BooLoo for an ice cold beer saying, “This is the Life!”  Wendy from Duxbury, Massachusetts

“BooLoo testimonial? That’s easy. Last Friday I filled it with beer and ice and Sunday I had a few left when I opened it and pulled a beer out ice was stuck to the can. What more can you ask for? Durability-awesome, adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy for anybody to carry. I LOVE my BooLoo!!!” – Chris from Pembroke, Massachusetts

“I brought a BooLoo Bag full of frozen food to my elderly parents this weekend, and a 6 hour drive turned into a 24 hour trip.  When we finally arrived at my parents house, we nervously opened up the BooLoo bag, expecting to find soup, but all of the food WAS STILL FROZEN, 24 hours later!” – Sue from Duxbury, Massachusetts

“We have only owned a BooLoo Bag for a few months and have found many uses for it. We transported a fish in it’s bowl during the very cold winter. Although we did spill a little water in the bag, Tina was no worse for the trip. I also carried a hot dish to a pot luck supper where there was no oven to keep the food warm. My dish came out of my bag as hot as when I put it in. My husband sells watercress at Farmer’s Markets. These make perfect bags to transport the watercress and keep them at a constant cool temperature! We love the bag!” – Donna Frugoli -Owner, Bayberry Monograms, Ltd., 564 Summer Street, Marshfield, MA 02050

“I recently gave my parents a BooLoo bag…they live in Florida and do a lot of picnicking on their boat. They called me the other day and said that they had already used it three times bringing Hot meals on the boat and could not believe how well and how long it kept their food hot! They were very excited about it! Thanks so much!” – Holly from Duxbury, Massachusetts

We just love our BooLoo Bag!  We bring it everywhere!  Our BooLoo Bag has been to many sporting events, cookouts and on long car rides.  We also bring it to the supermarket to keep our food cold on the ride home.  Another great use for it is to bring takeout food home in it.  Our BooLoo Bag is black with a red lobster and so easy to carry around.  We are going to use it for a carry on for our trip to Florida in a few weeks.  I honestly can not say enough positive things about our BooLoo Bag!!! – Cara from Hingham, Massachusetts

Hi Leslie,  Congratulations on your business.  BooLoo bags are awesome!  I bought two for my guy for his birthday last month in Hull at the Lobster store.  We use our BooLoos on the boat, to go camping and as overnight bags.  We took frozen Pepsi bottles with us last weekend, when we camped at Nickerson State Park in Brewster, MA.  The drinks was still cold after two days and the bag didn’t leak!  Thank you for a great product.  :)   Katrina