How to BooLoo

32 Reasons and Counting………to use your BooLoo Bag:
  1. Your BooLoo Bag is proudly manufactured in the USA.
  2. BooLoo Bag works great as carry-on luggage and protects laptops, cameras & cosmetics during travel.
  3. BooLoo Bag is the ultimate tailgate bag.
  4. BooLoo Bag conforms to tight storage areas. Fits nicely under the feet of children in car seats and in trunks of smaller cars.
  5. Boating and BooLoo Bag go hand & hand, making boat ramps at low tide a little easier and hand-offs from the dinghy to the big boat a lot easier.
  6. BooLoo Bag loves pool parties and campfires. BooLoo Bag loves the beach even more!
  7. Shop more, spend Less! Hit the local supermarkets to catch all the great deals, then store hot, cold, or frozen items in BooLoo Bag for hours until you get home.
  8. Avoid the Danger Zone! Keep food safe in BooLoo Bag – hot food stays hot, cold food stays cold!
  9. Daytrip or weekend getaway? Fill up your BooLoo Bag and bring what you need.
  10. Go Green! Store your other reusable grocery bags in your BooLoo Bag and bring them all into the grocery store, keeping cold foods cold on the way home.
  11. Store takeout dinners/pizza in your BooLoo Bag until you are ready to eat – it’ll stay hot!
  12. Cape House, lake house, ski house, island house?  BooLoo Bag is great for cleaning out the fridge when going from one house to the other.
  13. Camping, golfing, horse races and NASCAR are all events where cold beverages are a must, and the event would not be complete without a BooLoo Bag.
  14. “Date night” doesn’t have to cost a lot – pack two BooLoo Bags with beverages and food – HOT and COLD  - and head to your secret destination.
  15. Avoid wasting time waiting for kids at practice – grab items at the market and store in BooLoo Bag until you get home.
  16. Holidays and get-togethers — cook casseroles ahead of time and lay BooLoo Bag flat to keep casseroles hot until company is ready to eat.
  17. BooLoo Bag makes a great gift bag!   Fill with steaks, seafood, sauces, wines and give as a house-warming gift, Christmas present, birthday – it doesn’t matter – everyone always loves them!
  18. Keep your DOG out of your groceries!! They can’t break into the BooLoo Bag!
  19. Be a hero!  Show up to your child’s game with popsicles, and BooLoo Bag will keep them frozen until the game is over.  (Extremely hot days and long games may need cooler packs.)
  20. Send BooLoo Bag with your child to college full of his/her favorite home-cooked meals.  After the food is gone – he/she still has an awesome soft-sided cooler!
  21. If you have kids coming and going for several hours during dinner time – leave hot entrees in BooLoo Bag.  It’ll   stay hot!
  22. Traveling for business by car?  Pack BooLoo Bag with healthier options and avoid fast foods.
  23. BooLoos look beautiful going through a hotel lobby, unlike tacky coolers!
  24. In the boater’s world, BooLoo Bag has become known as the ultimate marine grocery bag.  (Don’t leave without your shoulder strap!)
  25. Church pot luck dinner? Hot food = hot, and cold food = cold.
  26. BooLoo Bag LOVES Sunday football. Doesn’t matter what you’re bringing!
  27. Start a monthly dinner rotation with a bunch of friends and your BooLoo Bags.
  28. Family trip? Divide up groceries, pack it in the BooLoo Bag, and enjoy homemade meals.
  29. Bring a hot fudge sundae home to your pregnant wife – BooLoo Bag!
  30. Farmer’s Market fan? So is BooLoo Bag.
  31. If you have to carry your BooLoo Bag for the long haul, just remember you will sit down with a freezing cold beverage when you get to your destination.
  32. New designs are coming! Black Lab, Sailboat, Hibiscus, Flip Flops, and “Bling” are in the works….

The waterproof liner of your BooLoo Bag is welded and guaranteed not to leak from manufacturer defects. Your liner is one of the secret ingredients to your BooLoo Bag; if it gets puctured it will leak and void the warranty.  We ask that you leave the steak knives, wine openers and other sharp objects in a different bag.